Copyediting Portfolio


I have posted this after our final exam for the class was completed, everyone had turned it in and got their final grade in the course. I did not post this with the intent of others to cheat but rather to show my skills on this website, which is my working portfolio. I also have not directly shared or promoted this post to anyone in my class or even at my college, Kennesaw State University.


The students within the Professional Editing course were asked to edit a minimum of 2,500 words for the final exam that was worth 50% of each student’s final grade. We were asked to find our own documents to edit but were allowed to ask for documents from the professor. For my final, I asked my professor for documents. I was given a piece of academic writing, a memo, and a newsletter. Below, you will find my final editing portfolio with a memo to my professor that has Track Changes on.

Grade on portfolio: 92%

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