Careers in Writing

This course was one of my favorite courses during college, mostly due to my connection to the professor that taught it. I also learned quite a lot and had my eyes opened to the wonderful opportunities English majors can engage in. This course was also something that counted for my minor, which is professional writing.


This was an assignment where students read an article by Lisa Dush and analyzed it.

This assignment asked students to visit a place and give an experiential review of their given place. I chose to write my assignment about the Masquerade concert venue in Atlanta, Georgia. I detailed as many of the five senses as I could while giving an honest review of the venue.

This assignment asked students to create an original infographic on any topic we wanted. I ended up getting featured in my professor’s website for it, too.

This assignment asked students to write an engaging blog post on a subject of our choosing that included at least 3 purposeful, embedded links and captioned images.

This assignment was a community engagement project where I had the honor of meeting with and interviewing the founder of Rescue Dog Games.

This assignment asked students to complete tests online to see what our skills were in terms of a professional setting that can be used to make students look better for employers.

This was our final assignment in the course that was meant to summarize our time in class and what we learned.