Welcome to Ink and Crystals!

Hello and welcome! This website is the writing portfolio of a 22 year old English major. There are academic pieces, opinion pieces, personal pieces and even photography. Everything is organized above and also in hyperlinks within this landing page. You can also find specific posts that I wanted in a specific portfolio section, despite the entire site being a portfolio.

The reason for choosing the path of an English major was an easy decision. To put it bluntly, I chose to major in something that made me happy rather than choosing something I hated just for money. Of course, there is a much longer explanation. The reason behind the name “ink and crystals” is a little bit more lengthy.

I am pagan, hence the crystals. It’s common for pagans and people that fall under the umbrella to use crystals in their practice. The ink has two meanings. The first meaning is simple: I like to write. Whether it be with a good, old fashioned pen or printer ink, I am typically using ink in some way, shape or form for my passion. The second meaning is that I love tattoos. I have many tattoos and I find them to be a form of self expression and coping. Every single tattoo that I have is extremely meaningful to me and felt it would be cool to incorporate that into my website.

Now that you have a little lay of my website, I hope that you enjoy your time exploring what I have written! If you would like to learn more about me, I have an about section and a contact section.