Is It Possible To Come Back From Rock Bottom? (Personal Narrative Story: Final Cut)


My story is about how I overcame my personal rock bottom and the turmoil I endured. The video I created shows how my freshman year of college was not what any student could ever anticipate and how I ended up getting kicked out of my university. The story reflects the saddest moment of my life but also the moment that I turned it all around.

Final cut of my personal narrative story.

Classmate Comments

It made me feel proud for you even though I don’t know you. Very proud ♡

Gabbie Filipov

People with mental illnesses are some of the most talented people.

Kiersten Cusick

Your story was very personal and I really connected with what you said. My video so far.

Holly Welch


After deciding which idea I wanted to use for this project, I had to sit down and come up with a plan for how to execute the story. I started with a storyboard, which ended up being far too long and barely contained any personal photos. After speaking with my Content Design team, I removed most of the free use images I found and used my own from my freshman year of college.

I created this video using Adobe Spark and Windows Movie Maker. I have used Adobe Spark for a project in 2018, so I was very comfortable using the program. I put my images and singular video into Adobe Spark using the Noir theme. I then added my narration over the images and video. The audio I wanted to use, which is Better Days by Bensound, was too short for Adobe Spark. To fix this issue, I left the narrated video on Adobe Spark with no music (which can be found here) and downloaded it. I then plugged the video into Movie Maker and chopped up the song so that it lasted the entirety of my video.

What I am trying to accomplish with this video is a few things. The first is that I wanted to try a different way of telling this story that wasn’t a long blog post for a class assignment or a semi long post for The Odyssey. I wanted to create a shorter, more engaging post to tell my story. The second thing I want to accomplish is to have people understand that this type of circumstance isn’t completely rare. It happens to more people than some may think. The third thing I wanted to accomplish was to let people in a similar situation know that they are not alone and it is possible to come back from that terrible place in your mind. The final thing I wanted to accomplish was to teach people that mental illnesses can have such a greater effect than they may think.