Composition 1

This was the course that was mandatory for every student in my university to take, regardless of their major. These are not essays that I am proud of but they do serve as proof for how far I have come as an individual, as a student, as a writer, and in my major so I have chosen to post them and keep them up on my website to show this growth. The course itself was centered around the theme of community, so most of our assignments centered around communities as well. This course also applied for the required credits for my minor, which is professional writing.


This assignment was a 1-2 page narrative essay that tells a particular story and one that tells the story of a picture. The picture had to include some sort of community that the student was part of such as a friend group, family group, church group, volunteer group, sports team/group, neighborhood group, etc. We were told that we should be able to explain who the group is, what our place was in the group, what activity we were engaged in, where we were in the photo, and why the community was important to us.
I wrote my paper about my high school marching band experience.

This assignment was a 2-3 page, thesis-driven, rhetorical analysis of a visual that is directed at a particular community. We worked to examine the rhetorical effectiveness of the visual’s argument and we had to show how the visual was meant to be interpreted by its target audience.
I wrote my paper about my favorite video game, Elder Scroll Skyrim. I always want to rewrite this paper because I really enjoyed it but I want to keep it as authentic to my freshman writing as possible to show growth.

Note: There is another paper that was a social activism essay but I do not feel the same way about my chosen topic as I do now. I also don’t feel comfortable posting it because of the topic as it no longer reflects my current views and I would not like to stir the metaphorical political pot.