Opinion Pieces

This is a collection of pieces I have written that relate to more serious topics. Some are controversial and I did not write anything with the intention of offending anyone. Rather, I wanted to have a voice on my own platform where I could possibly inform people of different views or serious topics in general.

This post was written after the Super Bowl of 2019 took place in Atlanta. As a Georgia resident that resides in the outskirts of this massive city, the occurring sex trafficking during the event impacted where I went and how late I was out. I wrote this in an attempt to educate those that did not live near Atlanta of what was happening to women.

In this post, I explain the differences of what Pro-Life is and what Pro-Control is. The two are not synonymous but that is not something many people realize due to the way Pro-Life people are portrayed in the media. And to spare you the rage, people who are truly Pro-Life do not believe in legalizing safe abortions for women because allowing safe abortions is Pro-Life because it is Pro-Woman.