5 Image Story

Exploring the City

What this project is:

This project was inspired by a group on Flickr, where you tell a story only using 5 images. In the actual group, you are not supposed to add any context statement but for the purpose of this class assignment I have done so. My specific story is a bit more abstract, as it is a story of the wonderfully diverse city I live right outside of. This 5 image story of mine expresses the many different ideas that the city has to offer. Something to note is that this story starts with the city’s name, Atlanta, spelled out within the architecture within the city and ends with graffiti of the city’s name. This was done as it encapsulates the two very distinct parts of Atlanta.

“Atlanta” spelled out in the architecture outside of Philips Arena.
Another view from the Philips Arena.
One of the most commons sights when in Atlanta.
The Sky View Ferris Wheel in Centennial Olympic Park.
The Atlanta wall mural by Centennial Olympic Park.