Hello, my name is Ari.
I am an English major who loves content creation.

I have been running and paying for my own website since 2018 as a way to showcase my work for college purposes and career purposes. While everything on my website was posted for the intent of being part of my working portfolio site, I have a few pieces I would like to bring special attention to.
Please enjoy these pieces I have done.

River the Rescue

I conducted a professional interview with the founder of Rescue Dog Games about her rescue pup, River. It is a heartwarming “tail” of River coming from an abusive situation into a family full of love.

Copyediting Portfolio

This document shows everything that I have learned from my copyediting course in college. I learned about the Chicago Manual of Style, how to use Track Changes, and more.

Mackinac Island, MI

This post is not about writing but is one of my photography posts. I have never taken a professional photography course in my life but I have improved a lot over the years and have self taught myself many different things about photography. This is the collection of images I’m most proud of.

Tattoos in the Workplace Infograpic

I was given an assignment where I had to create an infographic on any topic I wanted. I was featured in my professor’s website and am quite proud of a simple infographic.

The infographic I created.

Humanity’s Attempt To Remove Itself From Ideology

This was my final course paper for my critical theory class where I wrote 21 pages on ideology. You can choose to either read it on as a PDF or by clicking the link in the title.

A Miracle Connection

This was a community engagement project I completed for Rescue Dog Games where I conducted a professional interview with a client about their dog, Sascha. Much like River’s story, it is extremely heartwarming and is something I am very proud to say I completed.

The Vast Beauty of Ponce City Market

This was a project that taught me what sense of place really means and how to create a blog post that has exploratory paths. This was one of the more difficult assignments I had but learned I loved doing it. I roped my best friend and fiance along with me to complete this project, which made it more fun.