Exam 2

Written October 2, 2015 The question asks “Which sociological perspective is concerned that schools often indoctrinate students in the U.S. in Western bureaucratic ideology?” Answer A (functionalism) refers to the views of a functionalist perspective, which argues about the intended and unintended consequences & goals of education (Topic 8: Education, slide 4, 9/22/2015). Answer B [...]

Annotated Bibliography

Written March 24, 2020 Annotated Bibliography Petersen, Brian, et al. “Reconceptualizing Climate Change Denial: Ideological Denialism Misdiagnoses Climate Change and Limits Effective Action.” Human Ecology Review, vol. 25, no. 2, 1 July 2019, pp. 117–141., doi:10.22459/her.25.02.2019.08. Defines what climate change denial actually is using the Marx theory of ideology and argues how this denial is due [...]