Digital Storytelling

This is one of my favorite courses I took in college, mostly due to loving the professor that taught it. Initially called digital rhetoric, this course was designed to teach students the basics of digital storytelling.

Course Assignments

Our first assignment was for the students to take 5 photos that we have taken to create a story. This was inspired by a group on Flickr and I decided to share photos of my adventures around Atlanta, Georgia.

This assignment was to take original photos in order to demonstrate the 5 techniques for photography including leading lines, burring the background, different perspective, using contrasting colors, and detailed images.

This assignment was our first digital story project which required us to give a personal narrative that included personal images and narration. I show every step of the process from brainstorming to my storyboard to the rough and final cuts.

The next digital story was a sense of place story. This assignment required us to have at least 3 exploratory paths, meaning separate blog posts that had embedded links within the main post. We were also supposed to have interactive content, where most people conducted a survey. We also needed to have a gallery of images that we took of the place we chose. I show every step of the process including my brainstorming for 5 possible places to visit, possible images to use, a site map, and the final product.

This was an extra credit opportunity where we could attend a free, virtual seminar about digital storytelling. I decided to do this extra credit assignment and ended up learning a lot.

This was our big project for the semester, which was a community engagement project. Similar to my previous community engagement project for the same professor, the students were teamed up with Rescue Dog Games in order to create a lovely digital story for them. Unlike the first community engagement project, we were placed into teams and met with clients that willingly signed up to be interviewed. I ended up being the project manager for my team and, sadly, was put in the position to complete the entire project alone but it turned out rather well. You will be able to see the initial draft, rough draft and final draft of the project. Most of the project was completed on Google Docs due to the fact it was a team project.

This project was the final project we did which involved listening to several different podcasts on any topic we wanted and creating a blog post with 3 exploratory paths within it.

This was the final assignment, which was just a summary of the course.

This is a collection of images that I used for class.