Fiction Writing

Fiction Writing Course Required Books

Fiction Writing Course Suggested Books

All of these books were written by my professor


This assignment was a reflection of the book Wired for Story which was engaging, helpful, and easy to read. Hopefully my academic review of it will encourage others to read it as well.

This assignment was to help students create an in-depth, believable character and to provide a guideline for future stories. Please feel free to download the Word document within the post for your own character creation.

This assignment was an exercise at creation a fictional place using the five senses. Please feel free to use it as a guide for your own place exercises in storytelling.

This assignment was meant to focus on three typically difficult techniques in fiction writing: Summary and Scene, Flashback, and Slow Motion.

This assignment was to fill in a blank template (which anyone is free to use) in order to create a plot for our original stories.

This is the rough draft of my final paper for the course.

This is my final draft of my original story for the course, where you can see the many changes I made.