Brainstorm & List 5 Possible Places


This was an assignment for our sense of place project where I was asked to think of 5 possible places that I could base my story on. I am a city kid at heart so all of my possibilities are based in the city. Considering that I also do photography as a hobby, I am really looking forward to immersing myself in a place I love and to take tons of photos.

Possibility 1

The inside of Krog Street Tunnel.

One of my favorite places in Atlanta is Krog Street Tunnel because of how much it changes constantly. There’s so much to experience in this tunnel from art to people to sounds echoing off of the walls. There is also the Krog Street Market that I could incorporate into this project as well as the ever changing tunnel.

Possibility 2

The Atrium building on the SPSU campus.

After living on a college campus for almost five years, you learn a lot about the secret beauty of said campus. I think that I could demonstrate a really artistic sense of place project by just taking photos of the campus I live on. The above image is a view many people don’t even realize exists in one of the main class buildings.

Possibility 3

My fiance with a cat at the Cat Cafe.

In Marietta Square, there is the Cat Cafe that I think could serve two purposes for this assignment: give a sense of place and also explain what the cat cafe is all about. In short, the cat cafe has shelter cats that you can sip coffee or tea with and potentially adopt one of the cats they have there. All of the proceeds goes to helping the cats and their needs. The cafe also does a great job at making sure that customers sanitize their hands and cover their shoes so that the cats stay healthy.

Possibility 4

Marietta Square during the winter.

Speaking of Marietta Square, another possibility for my sense of place project could be Marietta Square in general. The Square has a lot to offer both in stores and outdoors. Marietta Square has been the place I typically hang out at when the weather gets cooler and means a lot to me as an individual.

Possibility 5

Photo of me taken years ago at a store within Ponce City Market.

This is easily one of my favorite places in Georgia. Ponce City Market is jam packed full of interesting things to experience and even has apartments. It’s so unique and beautiful inside and is almost surreal. There are so many smells and sounds and sights. There’s a certain vibe inside of Ponce City Market. This possibility is my first choice to talk about.