Personal Narrative Story: Ideas


This is a class assignment to brainstorm an upcoming project where we compose a story only using photos. We were asked to create five ideas and my 5 ideas can be found below. Each idea varies drastically from the last, so I feel as though I have some cool things to choose from for this upcoming assignment.

My Ideas

Idea 1

One story that is very near and dear to me as an individual is the story of how my mental health declining turned my entire world upside down. This is a topic I have spoken about at length on many different platforms, including this website. I think to execute this project, I would need to primarily take these photos around campus since this story primarily revolves around college. However, for the sake of examples, below you can find a photo I took many years ago that I think would make for inspiration if I were to tackle this idea.

An old photo I took many years ago, which depicts sadness and pain.

Idea 2

Another idea for a story that I could tell through photos would pretty much be the polar opposite of idea 1, which would be falling in love. I have been with my current significant other for over three years now and engaged, so I think it would be fun to tell the story of us and also have an excuse to rope him into more photos. I think this could also be a story that resonates with people considering that falling in love is a very common thing to have happen to an individual. Below is a photo of mine that I took with my now fiance that I think could be inspiration for this project.

A photo of my fiance and I from when we first started dating.

Idea 3

This idea is also something that I have discussed on multiple platforms, which is changing my major. I was initially a computer science major, where I was in it for the money. However, being in a major I didn’t care for made my previously mentioned mental health decline even faster. I think it would be fun to tell the story of how I switched my major to English and the positive effect it had on me as an individual. Below isn’t necessarily an image that could be used as inspiration for this story idea but it is something I would like to incorporate.

My tattoos I got on my right wrist once I knew that I wanted to be an English major and not change my major again.

Idea 4

This idea, in my opinion, is a bit simpler than the last 3. For idea number four, I was thinking that I could tell the story of what makes me happy. The things that make me happy are also the things that keep me going each and every day, even the days where I don’t want to do anything. The things that make me happy have shaped me to be who I am currently and they all mean a lot to me. Below is an image of one of the things that makes me incredibly happy and I would include in this story if I choose it.

My truck, as old and bad looking as it may be, is one of the things that makes me happiest in the world and means everything to me. I fought for this truck and it is such an honor to have it.

Idea 5

This final idea is a tad cliché but I could do the story of my life from an academic perspective. What I mean by this is that I have gone to drastically different schools during my life. For starters, I attended a Catholic school from ages 4 to 14. I then attended a 3,000 student high school for 1 year before moving to Georgia and finishing high school with about 60 people in my graduating class. I then started at Kennesaw State, which has over 30,000 students and then I attended a very small community college when I was removed from Kennesaw State that only had about 4,000 students total for 3 campuses. The image below could be inspiration for this idea.

A photo that I was in along with fellow freshmen in the year 2015 for Kennesaw State.