Sense of Place Images

I chose Ponce City Market as my Sense of Place assignment. I was instructed to take 50 photos of the place I chose then pick 10 of those images to focus on. The following 10 images were chosen because of style, meaning, assumption and idea. I have included a brief paragraph to accompany all 10 of my chosen photos.

Chalk sign for the ramen bar.

This is a very common theme in Ponce City Market: artistic, dare I say aesthetic, signs for all stores and restaurants. This is the restaurant I ate at, as it’s my favorite place to eat inside Ponce City Market, and I also felt that it really captured the artistic side of what every restaurant tries to do here. This specific sign has a lot to notice, like the cute drawings of animals and use of colorful lettering.

Inside of a crystal shop.

On the top level of Ponce City Market lies a metaphysical shop. This shop is easily the most aesthetically pleasing shop of all of the stores within Ponce City Market. The shop is well lit with so many stones to look at. The store also has a huge window that overlooks the benches outside for those that wish to eat there on a nice day.

A small glass greenhouse inside of a shop.

There is a store within Ponce City, one of the largest store inside, that houses many different mini shops including a place that sells plants. The plant shop exists by a large window and has a small, glass greenhouse there. Standing inside of that greenhouse gives you such a sense of calm.

A window overlooking the busy roads below.

There are simpler sights at Ponce City, such as the windows. There are so many windows at Ponce City but that’s not what makes them interesting. What makes it interesting are the walls. All over Ponce, there are small bits of brick exposed that give it an urban feel. Ponce City Market was built in 1926 so it makes sense why it would look a bit old.

The balcony from the second floor of Ponce City Market.

This is one of the most interesting views outside of Ponce City. On the second floor, there are rocking chairs and a direct route to the Beltline. However, if you decide to sit and stay for awhile on the second floor, you will notice that there is a small garden on the roof. You’ll also notice that on your right and left are studios. If you look straight past the garden, you’ll see more of the city. the second floor houses many sights.

Colorful windows and a sitting area inside Ponce City Market.

Ponce is notorious for having a lot of windows but some windows aren’t traditional windows. These windows are just for shops but are extremely colorful and unique. Nothing about Ponce is traditional, even down to the windows. If you notice, the seats in the foreground are shaped in an odd way as well.

Looking down from the second floor of Ponce City.

The internal architecture of Ponce City is as unique as the windows. There are a lot of dark red beams and large poles going up through the middle of the first floor. They also double as tables to eat at. The overhead lights give a calming glow and reflect nicely off of the old, wooden floorboards.

Art by Greg Mike.

Like I mentioned earlier, Ponce City Market has a direct route to the Beltline. If you follow that trail for a small bit, you will see tons of artwork on the walls of buildings. Greg Mike is a famous artist here in Atlanta and you can spot his iconic art style all over the city. The urban vibe of Ponce City reaches out even past the actual building.

Spiral staircase.

The stairs in Ponce City are very unusual. They’re very wide so that people can go up and down easily but that can post as a bit of a challenge. Ignoring how weird it feels to use these stairs, they’re also quite beautiful. They allow you to really get a good view of Ponce City as you make your way to the next floor.

The “normal” staircases.

While the weird spiral staircases are the easiest to find (since they’re right in the center of most shops), there are some “normal” staircases. These staircases, however, are incredibly urban. There’s writing on the walls that almost look like it came out of a newspaper. There’s hallways to explore and new things to find all over Ponce, this staircase being one of them.