Introductory Psychology

I took this course at a local community college in order to save some money and satisfy general education course requirements at Kennesaw State University. The course introduced the major fields of contemporary psychology and emphasized on critical thinking and fundamental principles of psychology as a science. I wanted to showcase here to show how I’ve grown as a writer and how many different topics I can write about so I posted my three writing assignments here.


Our first writing assignment required us to describe in some detail the five most significant events or influences in our lives. Then we had to discuss whether our biology or our environment had a larger impact on us.

Our second assignment required us to write in detail about a dream we could remember. We were asked what the manifest content of that dream was and to make guesses as to what we thought the latent content of that dream may have been.

Our final writing assignment required us to review, discuss, and analyze the major defense mechanisms postulated by psychodynamic theory. We then were asked which of the defense mechanisms we thought we used the most often to keep unwanted thoughts, desires, or memories in your unconscious.