Personal Pieces

These are not academic pieces but rather pieces that are personal to me as an individual. These range from reliving memories, vents, grief, and more. To access the posts, click on the title of the post you would like to read. I hope you enjoy my posts.

A Tribute to my Childhood Dog

This is a tribute to my 18 year old Australian Shepard that I lost in the summer of 2018. She had a long life full of love that deserves to be remembered.

22 Things I’ve Learned in my 22 Years of Living

22 random life lessons that I have learned throughout my 22 years of being alive.

Post Malone at the Infinite Energy Arena

Jotting all of my rambled thoughts down about seeing my idol live in person.

Final College Thoughts

This is a collection of posts that summarizes my education and experiences at Kennesaw State University as an English Major.

Experiential Reviews

When I was enrolled in a Careers in Writing course, my professor asked my class to complete an experiential review and explained how to write one. I ended up really loving the assignment and began to do my own outside of class, which can be found on this page.

A Tribute to my Best Friend

This is a tribute to my sweet 12 year old dog, who passed away in December of 2018. She was everything to me. I couldn’t be there on her last day, but I can at least make this tribute to her so her memory can live on a little longer.

A Review of my Decade

Reviewing the past decade of my life before it became 2020.

Customer Question on Mackinac Island

A bunch of experiences I had with customers while working at Mackinac State Historic Park.

COVID-19 and its Impact

My personal experience with the current pandemic and how it has affected me.

Opinion Pieces

This is a collection of posts on my personal thoughts on serious, sometimes controversial, topics.

Guinea Pig Adventures

A collection of guinea pig posts ranging to personal experiences as a guinea pig mom to basic information and somewhat niche information.