Composition 2

This was the course that was mandatory for every student in my university to take, regardless of their major. These are not essays that I am proud of but they do serve as proof for how far I have come as an individual, as a student, as a writer, and in my major so I have chosen to post them and keep them up on my website to show this growth. The course itself was to teach students how to find reasonable, logical, and thoroughly tested sources and how many different ways the modern human can access information, and how to decide whether or not this information is adequate. This particular course I took focused on race in American culture because, at the time, we were experiencing perhaps the most diverse American society that has ever existed.


This assignment was our first project and it was a source analysis project. We worked specifically with a secondary source and were asked to consider some of the sources that we previously examined regarding Hurricane Katrina and her aftermath–whether dealing with issues of who evacuated and who did not, assistance during the storm, or recovery in the months and years since then. We searched for a source that we wanted to use to examine this issue.

This second project was a way of moving onto the next important skill after we learned how to validate a source. We had to learn how to deal with multiple sources in a piece and had to compare sources and how to take meaning in different ways. We were asked to focus on racial stereotyping in our country, either positive or negative.

Note: There is another paper that was a research paper but I do not feel the same way about my chosen topic as I do now. I also don’t feel comfortable posting it because of the topic as it no longer reflects my current views and I would not like to stir the metaphorical political pot.