Second Copyediting Quiz


I have posted this well after our quiz for the class was completed and graded. I did not post this with the intent of others to cheat but rather to show my skills on my website, which is a working portfolio. I also have not directly shared or promoted this post to anyone in my class or even at my college, Kennesaw State University.


This was our second time copyediting a given document. This document was also short but it was much more tricky. We were given one week to complete our editing of the document. The blank document can be found here.

Grade Received: 100%

Feedback From Professor:

” Your editing demonstrates care, consistency, and good judgment. This was a challenging activity, but I believe you understand the CMS guidelines on numbers and numerals. “

My copyediting corrections on our second quiz.

On this second quiz, I used the comment feature much less than the first time. I felt more confident about what I was doing and wasn’t afraid to make the corrections I thought were necessary. My completed version of the document can be found here.

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