First Copyediting Quiz


I have posted this well after our quiz for the class was completed and graded. I did not post this with the intent of others to cheat but rather to show my skills on my website, which is a working portfolio. I also have not directly shared or promoted this post to anyone in my class or even at my college, Kennesaw State University.


This was our first time copyediting a document in our class. It is a short document and we were allowed to reference the Chicago Manual of Style during the quiz as well as our textbook. The document we were given was not even a full page in length, since this was our first time copyediting.

Grade Received: 100%

Feedback From Professor:

“You corrected all of the major errors in the text. Good eye!
You should change above-mentioned to abovementioned to make it conform to the appropriate style. That doesn’t require a query. On the other hand, asking for a definition or recommending a clarification would call for a query.”

My corrections made to the given document.

I used the “comment” function a lot since it was my first time copyediting and I was very unsure about how to accurately go about it. However, I learned a lot from my first copyediting quiz and felt much more comfortable after completing the quiz. The full document of my corrections can be found here.

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