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Ari Lentini is a graduate from Kennesaw State University, who majored in English and minored in professional writing.


Arianna “Ari” Lentini is a Kennesaw State University alumna who obtained a Bachelor’s Degree of Arts in English with a minor in professional writing. When she is working, she tends to focus on her communication skills, organizational skills, and time management skills. She can learn new tasks quickly, communicate effectively, and strives to do tasks to the best of her ability.
She was born in West Palm Beach, Florida and has lived in Georgia since the summer of 2012. She was a Content Creator for the Odyssey at her university from September 2017 until December 2019. She is currently a full-time Customer Engagement Leader at PetSmart. She loves historical fiction books and expanding her writing skills. So far, she has written poetry, a short story for a college class, and various content for the Odyssey. She loves to explore Atlanta and take photos in her free time as well as take care of her 20+ pets!

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What I Do



Content Creation


Past Experiences

Customer Engagement Leader at PetSmart
(2021 – )
Responsibilities include handling the entire pet care department, ensuring the health and safety of pets, training employees, meeting quotas, assisting higher managers, and more.

Assistant Manager at Hot Topic
(2019- 2020)
Started as a temporary seasonal associate and worked up to full-time assistant manager. Responsibilities included opening and closing the store, training employees, interviewing employees, assisting with sales quotas, and more.

Senior Guest Advisor at GameStop
Keyholder for local GameStop. Trained employees, handled cash, opened and closed store, completed web orders, and more.