Preview For this assignment, we were given a blank template that we had to fill out. Below, you will find the blank version and my completed version. Blank Assignment Fill in the blanks for this plot template.  ___________(character's name) wanted ____________, but this was impossible because _______________ and ______________.  Consequently, __________. Challenge:  how specific can [...]

Fictional Time

Preview For this assignment, we were asked to reach chapter 6 in our textbook which discussed three different techniques. These techniques consisted of Summary and Scene, Flashback and Slow Motion. We were asked to discuss how we would use one or more of these techniques in our short story. My Assignment After reading Chapter 6, [...]

Fictional Place

Preview For this assignment, we were asked to describe where our story would be taking placing using the five senses. The story that I wrote and have been thinking about for years takes place in three different settings, which I realize after writing was too much for this assignment. Below you will find my description [...]

Character Profile

Preview For this assignment, we were asked to create an original character (also called an OC). My OC has been a character I've thought about for many, many years, so this assignment was relatively easy for me. I also did the extra assignment which was to completed an extended character profile sheet. Blank Version of [...]