Guinea Pig Adventures

I adopted my first pet as a (mostly) independent adult at 22 years old and this collection of posts details my personal experiences with them as well as information I have gathered along the way that I felt would be useful for those looking into adopting a guinea pig as well.

My newborn guinea pigs.
My First Guinea Pigs

This post details the life of my 7 guinea pigs I had from age 7 to age 14. It’s what introduced me to my love of guinea pigs and what would eventually become a small obsession for them.

Mocha, my first guinea pig as an adult.
My Adulthood Guinea Pigs

This is about my two girls, Mocha and Linda, and their stories of how they came into my life. I also talk about their struggles together and their cute personalities.

Mocha and Linda’s Bonding Process

I had never experienced the female guinea pig process in my life but I now know first hand how scary and difficult it is. This post details that experience and what they do to bond.

Linda after a bath.
The Do’s and Don’t of Owning a Guinea Pig

A discussion of what you should do with a guinea pig and what you should avoid doing.

My cage.
Basic Guinea Pig Care

I detailed some of the important things to keep in mind while you’re preparing to adopt a guinea pig and things to plan ahead for.

Mocha and Linda waiting for their fleece to be cleaned.
Guinea Pig DIY’s

Would you believe me if I said there are a ton of different ways you can DIY for your guinea pigs? I made a list of different things you can create for your own!

Baby Prince Sugar Bear.
An Unexpected Third

We were happy with our two girls when an unexpected boy came into our lives that we couldn’t resist.

Linda and Nugget.
Having a Pregnant Piggy

When we got our Linda, we had no idea she was pregnant. This is how she came to surprise us with two adorable newborns.


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