What Is Palmistry

Image from Tumblr.

Palmistry is one of the more rare practices within the pagan community. Unlike tarot cards, palmistry is completely dependent on individual hands which may not be easy to come by. Palmistry can be used to determine the personality or even the future of an individual. It is a form of divination and is considered to be a very respected practice. The idea is that your power lies within your hands, specifically your dominate hand.

Palm reading is more in depth than even your natal chart and can show your entire life since birth. Just how tarot cards have major and minor arcana, palms have major and minor lines. Other things to note when reading palms is the coloring of the hands as well as creases, bumps and shapes. It can help you learn about a person’s strengths, weaknesses, and natural tendencies.

I recently purchased In Focus Palmistry: Your Personal Guide by Roberta Vernon which piqued my interest. Unfortunately, it was a difficult read for someone with zero prior knowledge in palmistry so I wouldn’t recommend it for someone looking for the basics. It does, however, come with a nifty 18X24 inch poster that I plan to hang up once I move. Regardless, it still helped to open the doorway into a deeper understanding of palmistry.

Image from American Gypsy Herbalist.

The major lines that you will be able to see in a hand, even your own, are the heart, head, life and fate lines. The way you read these major lines is how they are angled. For example, your heart line may be curved, straight, forked, or it joins with the head line. Each line has a different meaning.

Image from Tumblr.

Palmistry separates the hand out into mounts. There’s the mount of Jupiter, Apollo, Mercury, Mars, the Moon, and Venus. The way these mounts are read by how prominent they are or how well developed they are. It may be easier said than done to figure out if a mount is prominent or not but with enough practice and experience, analyzing mounts can become second nature.

Image from Tumblr.

Palmistry also takes the actual shape of the hand into consideration. Wide, plump, smooth hands are called water hands. Thick palms and fingers, large wrists, coarse hands are called Earth hands. Fire hands consist of long palms and fingers, ill-defined knuckles, and ruddy nails. Wood hands are oblong with long fingers, well defined knuckles, and tough thumbs. Lastly, metal hands are square and dewy. Of course, each hand type means something different. Some people only refer to hands as the four elements: Earth, fire, water, and air.

Image by Chirophile on Tumblr.

If you want to get into palmistry, there are books available that are made for beginners. One example is by Cassandra Eason. There are also free PDF’s online that you can read at any time. One free PDF is by Nisha Ghai. Tumblr also has an amazing community for people interested in divinity and mysticism. Plus, there are countless blogs dedicated to palmistry specifically.

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