“Say No To Joe”


This assignment consisted of the students writing an email to a fictional person that applied for a job but didn’t get the job. The prompt that my professor gave the class can be shown below.

“You were the hiring manager for a new position that opened up at your organization. After sifting through nearly fifty resumes, you chose to interview one outside candidate and one internal candidate named Joe. Both had similar experience and educational back-grounds, but you ultimately made a job offer to the external candidate due to the fact that she seemed to have more creative ideas about how the department could handle current issues, whereas Joe seemed to have little to offer. Email Joe explaining that he did not get the job, and offer him constructive criticism.”

We were asked to complete this assignment using an email format, which can be seen below.

Completed Assignment

To: Joe

From: Ari Lentini

Subject: Job Interview Conclusion

Hello Joe,

            I hope you are doing well today. I completed the interviews for the job opening here at the company and wanted to let you know the results. You have been for quite some time and we appreciate everything you’ve done for the company but unfortunately, I decided to go with an outside hire. There are a few reasons for that, which I hope you can understand.

            Since you’ve been at this company for quite some time, I can understand how you could adjust to the way things work here. However, this came as a disadvantage to you when you were asked how the department could handle current issues. Our outside hire had fresh, new ideas on how to handle these issues whereas you stuck to what we already do. While your answer was appreciated, it wasn’t what I was looking for in regards to this job opening. If you would like to improve on this, I would suggest keeping an open mind and trying to think of new ideas on how to solve issues in a new way.

            Improvements are part of everyday life, as well as the workplace. I know that you have given the company many useful ideas and look forward to you working to give us even better ideas in the future. I hope that you understand why I chose an outside candidate for this position and I look forward to our continued professional relationship.


Ari Lentini

Hiring Manager

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