Rhetorical Precis of Scholarly Article


We were given several different articles to create a precise of. precise is a summary of the text that demonstrates close reading. A precise is supposed to be short, which is why my assignment is so short.

Completed Assignment

George F. Hayhoe’s article, “Seeing Clearly” (2005), asserts that the government failed at their duty to protect civilians from the devastation of Hurricane Katrina by not communicating, executing evacuation plans, and by not providing food and medical care for those affected. Hayhoe defends this claim by explaining the effect of the hurricane and explaining how many people actually died from the government’s lack of assistance. Hayhoe’s purpose is to explain that, even if their plans had been accurately executed, it would not have been enough to help people in order to provide three crucial tasks that we can do to prevent such a horrible event from reoccurring. Given the language used in this article, Hayhoe is speaking to an empathetic audience that desires change just as much as Hayhoe does.

Grade for assignment: 100%

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