For this assignment, we were given a blank template that we had to fill out. Below, you will find the blank version and my completed version.

Blank Assignment

Fill in the blanks for this plot template.  ___________(character’s name) wanted ____________, but this was impossible because _______________ and ______________.  Consequently, __________. Challenge:  how specific can you make your words?

Completed Assignment

Walter Holgate wanted nothing more than to sail the seas on the Pembroke with his fellow crew in order to support his family, but this was impossible because of his younger brother Gryffen breaking the most important rule of not bringing a woman aboard the ship and following the captains orders with no hesitation by throwing the girl he brought aboard into the open ocean where she transforms into a siren to get revenge on the crew. Consequently, Walter has to find a way to salvage as much as the crew as he can while also keeping his antagonist of a brother alive and helping the newly transformed siren forgive Gryffen for his actions.

Grade for Assignment: 50% (because I, yet again, forgot to respond to peers)

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