Fictional Time


For this assignment, we were asked to reach chapter 6 in our textbook which discussed three different techniques. These techniques consisted of Summary and Scene, Flashback and Slow Motion. We were asked to discuss how we would use one or more of these techniques in our short story.

My Assignment

After reading Chapter 6, I realized that the technique that challenges me the most is the summary and scene. Considering that the “summary can be called the mortar of the story, but the scenes are the building blocks” (pg 195), it’s apparent that it is such an important part of the story that I know I am guilty of glazing over. I get tunnel vision on a very specific part of my story and want to just skip ahead to that part and leave out such important details which just won’t work. All stories require some kind of summary and scene, so I’m going to have to put this in my story. In order to effectively utilize summary and scene, I’m going to have to slow down and really detail the internal monologue and give short summaries that lead up to the current scene at hand. The other thing is carefully transitioning between summary and scene, which this chapter highlights through the use of examples. I have to be concise about my choice of words so that I can move in and out of summary and scene fluidly while not confusing the reader.

Grade on assignment: 100%

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