The Park On The Roof

Ponce is gigantic but would you believe me if I said that there was a whole park on its roof? Skyline Park was once located on the ground under the name Ponce De Leon Amusement Park back in 1903. Once the actual building of Ponce City Market was created, the park was removed and eventually rebuilt as Skyline Park on the roof in 2016. The roof holds a wondrous world of many fun things to do and many interesting sights to see.

Photo from the official Skyline Park Facebook page.

The roof looks like something straight out of a movie. There are carnival games, a whole minigolf course and the Heege tower ride. The view from the roof is breathtaking, too. While it may seem like it’s meant for children only, the roof also has things for the adults. There’s the marvelous view, the craft beer and all sorts of food. You’ll also find Nine Mile Station on the roof, which is a mix of American food and cocktails.

Photo from the official Skyline Park Facebook page.

Skyline Park can also be a fantastic way to meet all sorts of new people. It’s an incredibly open, social area and the use of communal tables makes it even easier to socialize. Tables aren’t the only thing to help strengthen your social skills. Skyline Park also has seasonal events that you can attend. For the current month of October, they have held scary movies on the roof for all to watch.

Photo from the official Skyline Park Facebook page.

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