The Photography Spots Around Ponce City Market

My friend in front of a multicolored window within Ponce City Market.

Ponce City Market has incredibly beautiful stores, landscape and architecture. All of these elements combined makes for a great spot to take some photography. I’ve been coming to Ponce City Market for a number of years now and have accumulated some great photos of my friends here. Sometimes the most common objects can be useful in photography, such as windows and walls.

My significant otter walking up a staircase.

There are a lot of interesting walls at Ponce City Market. Some are simple, exposed brick walls while others have designs and writings on them. However, all of the walls have a very aged feel to them. There are interesting walls to use in photography in hallways, around sitting areas and even inside stores. In the years I’ve visited, I’ve never had an issue with taking photography inside of stores. I think that’s just part of the culture at Ponce City Market.

My friend in front of graffiti.

Of course, Ponce City Market is not limited to the windows and walls indoors. There are great photo spots during the events at Ponce City such as their October pumpkin patch. There are also graffiti works on the BeltLine, which can be really interesting backdrops for photos.

My significant otter on a bridge on the BeltLine.

From that wall of graffiti, if you take a left and walk for a minute or so on the BeltLine, you’ll spot a bridge that overlooks a busy road and has been turned into an art piece. Ignoring the profanity scribbled on the bottom of the bridge in graffiti, the view is quite interesting from this bridge given the rope-like material stretched across the fence.

My friend posing with the art piece on the BeltLine.

Continuing down the BeltLine, there are more art pieces such has giant metal spikes coming out of the ground. You can also see the backside of Ponce City Market from this art piece. By this art piece are restaurants and bicyclists along with more incredible works of graffiti.

My significant otter looking out of a window.

Wherever you go in Ponce City Market, you’re bound to find some really interesting photography spots. More than likely, you’ll find places that most haven’t bothered to notice yet. There’s beauty in the simple things at Ponce City.

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