Recommendations for Ponce City Market

Like I previously mentioned, there are so many things to experience in and around Ponce City Market. I personally have a few favorites that I recommend to any first time visitors of Ponce and would love to extend those recommendations to you! Here are just a few of my favorite recommendations.

Tori shoyu from Ton Ton Ramen.

1.Ton Ton Ramen & Yakitori

This place serves the most delicious ramen that you may ever eat. The broth is buttery, the meat is cooked to perfection, and the noodles are incredibly filling. The staff and atmosphere bring such joy and the drinks are also something to try out.

Modern Mystic Shop.

2. Modern Mystic Shop

If you are at all interested in spirituality, crystals, tarot, or anything metaphysical, I highly suggest popping by Modern Mystic. They also recently started giving out free, one hour Sunday classes on the metaphysical. Even if you aren’t into that stuff, you might enjoy the aesthetic of the shop in general.

This wall no longer exists but was located within Citizen Supply.

3. Citizen Supply

This shop within Ponce City Market houses many different artisan goods everywhere from local to international. You can meet lots of great photos and they have an indoor, fully glass greenhouse in the back along with a coffee shop.

The bridge for the BeltLine outside of Ponce City Market.

4. The BeltLine

Yes, the actual BeltLine is incredibly long but you can explore a little bit of the path outside of Ponce City Market that holds artwork and shops. You can also take a nice bike rides along the path if you choose to.

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