The Best Place To Get Your Ramen Fix In Kennesaw, GA.

Hours for Boru Ramen Noodle and Poke Bowl. Photo from @BoruRamenPoke.

Cobb county has quite a lot of places to find food and sometimes it can be overwhelming. However, if you’re a college student like me, you’ll know how essential ramen is. The twenty cent ramen can sometimes get old though, so treating yourself to some real ramen is important. Boru Ramen Noodle and Poke Bar in Kennesaw can give you that real ramen that you crave. The food is great, the workers are friendly and the atmosphere is fun.

Upon walking into the restaurant, I was met with gentle lighting and decor that is easy on the eyes. The aesthetics of the restaurant brought about a calm feeling. Upon walking up to the counter, I was greeted by incredibly friendly workers who were patient and attentive. I ordered a ramen bowl filled with chicken broth, scallions, bean sprouts, corn, eggs, and chicken. You can order your food to either eat in or take out. I decided to eat there. Within a few minutes, a worker came and brought the ramen to my table.

The food was amazing. Everything was tasty but I had to take some home as they give you so much. When I went, it was quite busy but that didn’t stop the workers from being fast and efficient. There were tons of college aged people there, sharing jokes and eating good food. There are large windows at the front, which makes for great natural lighting. It’s a very open space and makes for a great place to eat with friends. There’s also a television to watch if you prefer that, too.

New wall art found inside the restaurant. Photo from @BoruRamenPoke.

The first time I visited, I was with a small group of friends. We were all really impressed with the customer service and the atmosphere. Today was my second time visiting and there had been quite a few changes since my first visit. In my second visit, they had added wall art and chalk boards. Not featured in the photos is a very large tree branch that stretched out across the ceiling, and I found myself admiring that for most of my visit. I personally don’t like eating at restaurants very often but this one has easily become one of my favorites. It’s located right by Town Center Mall, making it easy to get good food after a day of shopping.

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